What exactly is KEVLAR® a how does it protect you?

Kevlar® is para-amid synthetic fibre which was developed by DuPont™. The fibre is used to make a lot of different types of fabrics and materials, which further develop the particular characteristic of KEVLAR® and are used in various areas of industry and services.

Despite its low weight, the final material is extremely strong and able to withstand high temperatures, abrasion or cuts. Cloth made from Kevlar® fibres is used to make clothes for fire fighters (to protect them from heat), in vests intended for police and armed forces (because of its resistance to punctures and cuts) as well as in sportswear (motorcycling).


Top quality and appropriate placement

In our products, we use material made from genuine KEVLAR® fibre by DuPont™ . We have it manufactured by a family company in Germany. The quality of this material is proved by safety certificate and tests regarding the use in direct contact to skin. It is really strong, nevertheless still light enough for you to wear the jeans and the jacket also in summer.

We use DuPont™ KEVLAR® lining in KLMwear products on those places on the body which are most exposed in case of a fall.



  • in front it goes almost all the way down to the ankles
  • at the back it ends in midway through the thighs


  • the whole jacket including the sleeves

Don’t forget to wear armour for more protection. We recommend ours, made by Forcefield, a brand known for its reliability.

How does it work?

In case of a fall and subsequent sliding on the surface of the road, the KEVLAR® lining doesn’t tear. The 13 Oz denim even enforces the resistance of the jeans. This way, the risk of superficial injuries in case of a fall is eliminated. The characteristics and life span of the products decline with time. Do not forget that KEVLAR® is not an air-bag. Drive carefully and safely.