Raw denim – what exactly is it?

Denim is a material woven from 100% cotton in a special way ensuring its specific structure. Threads may differ in weight which gives the material its strength and thickness. We use high-quality 13 Oz. denim.

The next step during the production phase is dying and chemical treatment. The basic material, which has not undergone any chemical pre-washing to stabilize (shrink) the material and remove the excess dye, is labelled as raw, rigid or dry denim. .

The denim used to make all KLMwear jeans products is manufactured by an Italian textile factory with a 100-plus-year tradition. It is not pre-washed, it retains its characteristic stiffness and firmness which adapts to your body type and lifestyle by regular wearing. All the wrinkles and creases form depending on how you actually wear them. Do you put your wallet in your pocket? Do you cuff your jeans? It will all be manifested in the way the jeans look like. The dye will fade in places where the jeans crease the most creating unique fade and stress patterns. No other pair will be the same. The jeans are your mirror reflecting your life and your lifestyle.

What should you really know about raw jeans?

  • you preserve them by hand washing; the cotton threads retain their quality longer this way
  • the dye on raw jeans gradually rubs off; watch out for light coloured surfaces (furniture, textiles, clothes)
  • wear them as much as you can and anywhere you can, so that they break in perfectly