How to insert the armour

Inserting the protectors is easy. Once you know it;). Go through this photo tutorial and make sure your protectors are on the right place.

KNEE ARMOUR for KLMwear jeans 

First, turn the jeans inside out.  Our Forcefield Body Armour Knee protectors are equipped with velcro for optimal placement. The other part of velcro is inside the protector pocket in the jeans.


Find the gap on the side of the protector pocket. Bend the protector gently so you’ll able to put it through the hole.


Once inside, unfold it and place in the pocket.


If needed change the position of the protector as on the picture below.


HIP ARMOUR for KLMwear jeans

Place as on the pictures.


BACK PROTECTOR for KLMwear jacket

Ristretto jacket is fully lined with Kevlar. There is a zip pocket on the back inner side of your jacket. Its size is corresponding with the size of the protector so it fits perfectly. Bend the protector slightly when placing it inside.